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Predictive Inventory

96% reduction
in Time to Discover
Actionable Data 

In Out of
Stocks Solved

Daily Reporting -  Rather than combing through millions of lines of data in an excel spreadsheet or another outdated method, Predictive Inventory automates your inventory data.


Predictive Forecasting -  Seek allows you to access the past two years of data and forecast your needs based on actual sales and trends. With this data, you’ll be armed with the needed information to formulate a clear and solid forecast to prevent lost revenue.


Reduced Fines & Increase ROI - With clear, actionable data around your out-of-stock and overstocked instances, you’ll save millions of dollars by avoiding fines for out-of-stock or overstocked items that go to waste. 

Predictive Inventory - Seek Data.png

The Supply Chain Suite of Solutions

Shelf Capacity - Gain instant visibility into inventory status at the store and item level. Shelf Capacity also identifies store locations and attributes according to their average inventory levels and out-of-stock instances.

Historical OOS - Seek Data.png

Historical Out Of Stock Monitoring - With an easy-to-understand dashboard, Historical Out of Stock Monitoring compiles historical inventory data. It analyzes billions of rows of data to surface specific trends within stockouts, which isn’t a capability that exists with any other current tool.

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